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A food distribution point for needy families in the municipality of Mogán, Gran Canaria,
run entirely by volunteers and funded by private and corporate donations in food and funds…

The Food Project are a group of concerned persons who actively participate in improving the quality of life for their fellow citizens in the Municipality of Mogán, southwest of Gran Canaria.

Established in 1993, the Neighbours’ Association of Las Lomas de Arguineguín works on finding viable solutions to different issues involving social problems, the environment, consumers’ rights, public health…… They coordinate with several other organisations such as the Red Cross, Civil Protection, the Norwegian Community of Mogán (made up of several wonderfully generous and caring groups and clubs including the Norwegian Sailors Church, the Norwegian Club, the Scandinavian Tourist Church, the “Los Amigos” collective, “Las Damas del Sombrero“, the “Club de la Memoria Corta“, Bowling Club of Patalavaca, “Academy of Seniors“, the Norwegian School, among others), The Food Bank of Las Palmas (European Federation of Food Banks), the English-speaking Catholic Community of Puerto Rico, the Red Cross, and many others….

They have been distributing basic foods and other items, to needy families who approach them for help, since 2008. They collect and distribute food and financial donations, clothing, furniture, household items of all types that are still in usable condition.  They currently feed around 400 people every week who require the most basic help.

The project also have a team of volunteers giving language lessons free of charge to anyone interested, in an effort to improve their possibilities for finding a job. Currently they offer Spanish for Foreigners, English and German lessons.

Their operations are centred in Arguineguín where they have had to privately rent a space to operate since the local town hall has failed to support their work, they are located at Calle Pedro Perdomo 11-13 35120 La Playa de Arguineguín, near the old nursery school, opposite Spar Natural.

They offer their services to persons residing in the municipality of Mogán and the Barranco de Arguineguín who document their need by means of a report issued by a certified Social Worker and identify family members under their charge, etc.

Currently they have over 800 people on their list, amongst them are all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and each family is different in their needs. Some are retired with insufficient pensions, others are un- or underemployed, ill, single mothers with no benefits or support, unable to work for lack of proper immigrant papers, etc.; some are homeless, addicts, ex-convicts…. Approximately 20% are non-Spanish citizens.


The project need volunteers to raise funds, gather food items, deliver donations to their facility, collect items such as bread from bakeries at the end of the day and freeze it to be distributed frozen on Tuesdays, to inform them of any available food that they could distribute, to help those in need to recover their independence by means of worthwhile occupation, if you are looking for a cleaner, a babysitter, a caretaker for the elderly, even part time or now and again, this can help someone to make some money that will help them feel productive and reduce their debts.

They have a programme called “Adopt a Family” – individuals may commit to covering certain basic expenses for a family (any one or a specific one) such as their utilities, etc., for any amount you choose, or help by covering the expenses for schoolbooks for children, outfits for school, dental expenses, etc. A group of retired ladies (the Hattedamene) are sponsoring baby and children’s food for over 60 children, between newborn and age 12, when there are available funds the project purchase nappies for children under age 3.  They are also helping university students be able to continue their studies and contributing to the payment of other courses that will help a person become more employable.

They have a bank account: Any amount is welcome! if you wish to make a donation earmarked for a special need (dental costs for a child, nappies, rent, eggs, potatoes, baby food, a specific family, transportation, school material, etc.), please state it when making your deposit or transfer. The project are deeply grateful for your support!

IBAN ES50 0081-1394-11-0001028108 y SWIFT BSABESBB

Banca Sabadell

A Project by The Las Lomas Neighbours’ Association
Supported by The Long Walk Gran Canaria